Sunday, January 26, 2014

What is Web & Hosting?

Web means your online address and Hosting means your online internet server. When we want to start any online business or want to professional email address at first we have to select any name which is not any internet address or URL then we call its domain. We have to need lots of data to transfer other computer or distance guys. Is it possible to show all of your information other from your computer? Then we have to require web address which we call domain. After choosing domain we need to internet connected server which we call server. To create a professional email address you have also need web hosting service.

There are two types of hosting service server. Who provide you internet connected server. One is free hosting service and other is premium hosting service. There are many hosting service that provide you online internet connected server. Such as 00web hosting where you could transfer your all information without any cost. In a free hosting there is some restriction & limitation has also. You could use only small space and few pages and did not well service. You have no any mail or email access also. In a free server you could not maintained any email marketing or Google adsence even affiliate marketing also. On the other hand in premium hosting server where you could perform many scope such as largest space, many pages, huge information etc. where you could perform affiliate marketing and addsence also. Create aprofessional email inbox or email marketing, you must have to need web & Hosting.

What do you mean web server?
Generally we used www/http://  this reference to provide world wide web address. This is web service on the internet, web server includes the hardware, operating system, server shoftware.FCT/IP address this means web server http.
Standard DNS
DNS mend domain name system for mapping IP address. Because domain is only alphabetic name which is needed for name of computer, internet based corresponding name. 

What is FTP
FTP means files transfer protocol. It’s actually files transfer to internet server from your computer. Overall FTP is a fully server versa.

What do you mean POP & SMTP server?
It’s the another protocol for transferring all massage or e-mail.yet it has known as variety names,  POP,  IMAP,  POP3, SMTP etc
Email & web mail
Most of guy known email is electronic mail; it’s only integral part of business or personal communication.

What is GCI service and Bandwidth?
GCI means common gateway interface. GCI is a method by which transfer program from computer on a HTML pages. Bandwidth is respected amount of hosting. Hosting is actually limitation amount of per month uses. As example you need 1mb file for your site it’s known as 1GB of bandwidth.
Disk space
Disk space means total physical amount of hard drive space allows a user to have.
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